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Terminal Information


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 Port Information

Position:37.905145 122.360915

 Terminal Information

Name:BP West Coast Products
1306 Canal Blvd
Richmond, CA 94804
Restrictions & Limitations:Richmond Inner Harbor a. Tug requirements for vessels arriving and departing Richmond Inner Harbor: Vessels up to 600’ LOA: AB Vessels over 600’ LOA: AA Vessels over 700’ LOA: At A Vessels over 800’LOA: A+ A+ b. Weather permitting, vessels undocking without turning may eliminate the smaller tug if they have an adequate bow thruster, as set forth in these guidelines. c. It is recommended that vessels greater than 650’ LOA be turned at Pt. Potrero Turning Basin. d. Vessels with a draft greater than 33 ft. or LOA greater than 700’ transiting Richmond Inner Harbor shall plan their arrival to pass RLW/Ferry Point with a maximum 1 kt. flood current or 0.5 kt. ebb current & their departure with a maximum 0.5 kt. ebb current; based on the RICHMOND (14d) current station. Deep draft vessels that cannot meet this requirement may require a tractor tug to assist. Consult with the Operations Pilot. e. Vessels greater than 800’ LOA and requiring a turn will be required to transit Richmond Inner Harbor during daylight hours. Vessels greater than 800’ LOA not requiring a turn, with a draft less than 30 feet, may depart during non-daylight hours. All conditions of paragraph (d) above remain in effect. f. Present channel configuration limits the size of a vessel able to use RCH20 to a maximum 650 feet in length and 106 feet in beam. Vessels arriving and departing RCH20 will require at least (1)At. Please consult with the Operations Pilot. g. Barges in the vicinity of RCH20 must be moved well clear before ships can dock or undock. h. Movements to or from RCH20 are precluded when vessels are berthed at RCH21 or RCH14. i. Agents representing vessels calling at RCH21, RCH17 or RCH14 are responsible for determining if vessels are occupying RCH22, RCH21, RCH20, or RCH14 and obstructing the channel. If so the Operations Pilot must be consulted. As a general rule, the combined beams of the vessels shall not exceed 200’, the passing shall be set up near high water(4.0’ or more) and (2) tractor tugs will be required. j. In some situations it may not be possible to arrange a safe transit until the channel is clear.
Security Requirements:

 Terminal Documents

There are no documents attached to this terminal.


Berth NamePositionMax DraftMax LOABeamBCMLast Updated
BP West Coast Products 38.00' 800.00' N/AN/AMonday, November 02, 2020

 Berth Information

Berth Name:BP West Coast Products
Berth Telephone:(510) 236-0313
Draft:38.00' / 11.58m
LOA:800.00' / 243.84m
Air Draft:N/A
Manifold Size:Five 8" hoses
Tidal Range:6.00'
Normal Side Too:Port/Starboard
Access For Stores:No