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Terminal Information


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 Port Information

Position:38.042183 122.129896

 Terminal Information

Name:Valero Benicia Dock
1501 Bayshore Road
Benicia, CA 94510
Contacts:Office: (707) 745-7763 (Dock Scheduler) Dock: (707) 745-7628 Dock Fax: (707) 745-7368
Restrictions & Limitations:Max. Draft: Consult with SF Pilots/agents/Benicia Dock Max. LOA: 1,005' Cargo: Crude oil, feed stocks, refined products, blending components Equipment: 3" x 16" crude arms with 12" connections, 3" x 12" product arm with 10" connections, 1" x 12" vapor recovery arm Railroad: No Freshwater: Yes Fueling: No Add. info.: No vessel storing allowed. Bunkering not allowed. Stand-by tugs may be required during periods of high ebb current, Petcoke loadings at Benicia Industrial Dock.
Security Requirements:

 Terminal Documents


Berth NamePositionMax DraftMax LOABeamBCMLast Updated
VALERO REFINERY DOCK38.044427 122.129195N/A1,005.00' N/AN/AThursday, November 19, 2020

 Berth Information

Position:38.044427 122.129195
Berth Telephone:(707) 745-7628
LOA:1,005.00' / 306.32m
Air Draft:N/A
Manifold Size:12 INCH ARM
Cargo Handled:Crude oil, feed stocks, refined products, blending components
Tidal Range:6.00'
Normal Side Too:Port/Starboard
Ship Handling Notes:Vessels port side to undock during Ebb current only. Vessels starboard side to may undock anytime during flood current or during ebb current of less than 2.0 kts, based on the Benicia Bridge (depth 15 ft.) current station (s06010). NO VESSEL SHOULD DOCK OR UNDOCK WITH EBB CURRENT GREATER THAN 2 KTS.
Access For Stores:No